Part Two: The Engagement (check out part one of my love story HERE) After knowing each other for ten plus years, it was so easy to fall in love. Oh, and did we fall in love fast. Without even being together long, our family and friends already started to question when we were going to […]

Logan and I met in middle school, actually, it was probably elementary but we honestly can’t remember. He was a grade below me, but our school combined grades in each classroom, and our teacher, Mr. Brown, was trying to find a way to get me to shut up. Don’t get me wrong, he loved me, […]

You know that urge you get to clean when you walk into a room and it is messy? That monthly, weekly, or daily game plan to keep things clean. That satisfaction you get when it’s done? Yeah, I don’t have that. I never have. I am a struggling homemaker. Ever since I was little I […]

I have to be honest; this isn’t my first blog. I had one year ago back in 2012, and I made a whopping 8 posts in two years. I have always been horrible at sticking to projects. I have had so many fads, interests, and projects that never got finished.