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February 16, 2021

Over the last 6 years I have never loved a business program more than Dubsado. I mentioned Dubsado in an Instagram post earlier this week, but today I wanna go more in depth about my favorite time-saving program I use. Okay so first of all – if you aren’t sure what Dubsado is, it’s a powerhouse for business organization and client systems. It’s an online client management system that helps you organize, streamline and automate your client process. So you can use Dubsado to do things like email your clients, capture leads, send invoices, contracts, proposals, questionnaires and so much more. Honestly, it has been a life saver more times than once.

It has saved me from double booking weddings with projects being integrated with the calendar, sent invoice reminders so I don’t have to, even lets me add team members to projects they are assisting me on. I had known there was client management systems out there but I chose to do it the hard way with file folders than digital folders- you know, the free but difficult way that always kept me disorganized and confused. It took me until 2018 where I was just so overwhelmed with maintaining all my client info that I sought out help.

I checked out a few CRM (Client Retention Management) programs but I fell in love with Dubsado’s ever evolving system. It’s constantly progressing, making sure to add and streamline it’s programs to better if so many business owners. I love the ability to create new “projects” for returning clients, making each session we have it’s own project keeps everything nicely organized. And oh my, don’t get me started on the questionnaires.

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How I use Dubsado in my photography business:

1 |  Intake Questionnaire

I use the lead capture feature right in my contact form on my website- that was made in Dubsado! From there it will take the info that a potential client used and make a new client with it. Mapping the name, contact info, and what services they want to their very own little profile. From there it will create a project lead and from there I will follow a pre-determined workflow

2 |  Go to emails

I know this might seem impersonal but I have a whole list of pre made emails so I can just send them out. Hear me out, I read every email that a client or potential client sends but for basic responses I have premade emails for them. When you write the same email over and over again, sometimes multiple times a day it gets exhausting and quite frankly it’s a waste of my time. With the canned emails I can make sure all the info I wanted to send is all there, that I don’t forget to add anything, that my couples aren’t missing any info. Saves me time and they get emails faster and accurate- win win.

3 | Forms, Questionnaires, & Invoices

Going along with the premade emails; Dubsado also has forms like contracts, sub agreements, and questionnaires. Pretty much everything related to client communication I use is inside Dubsado. The customizable template builder is unlike any other with it’s versatility. When a client is ready to book I add the contract and invoice made right in the program and send it right over to them. And don’t get me started with the questionnaires! I get so many comments from couples about how helpful it was go give me all their wedding info in the questionnaires I send them.

4 | Client Portals

They makes it super easy for clients to access their portal. You simply provide a link or embed the portal onto your site, then have your clients enter their email address to get in. Once they’re inside their portal they’ll be able to view their emails, view questionnaires, contracts, their invoices, check in on past and current projects and see if they have anything outstanding to take care of. It’s nice for clients to easily access all commination just like it is for me.

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One of my favorite things about Dubsado is how much they understand the importance of offering a seamless experience for your clients. They want your clients to be so impressed with the experience you provide them, and a big part of that is making sure it feels like your brand the entire time. Over the last few years I have been able to live more, work less, and give my clients a higher end, all inclusive experience with just Dubsado and their wish for all customers to have a flowing experience.

*This post contains affiliate links that can get you 20% off of your first monthly or annual purchase with Dubsado! I may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you click through to grab your discount and make a purchase. Use my code ‘sierrastorm’ for your 20% off!

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