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May 21, 2019

Part Two: The Engagement

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After knowing each other for ten plus years, it was so easy to fall in love. Oh, and did we fall in love fast. Without even being together long, our family and friends already started to question when we were going to get hitched. After a year and three months, we both knew we wouldn’t want to spend our lives with anybody else, it was just a matter of when.

On January 30th, 2016 we took a road trip to Pendleton, where Logan grew up, to see if it would be somewhere I would like to live. We arrived at our hotel, got checked in, and unloaded the car. After settling in, Logan told me he wanted to show me this view, which he had talked about many times. It was a viewpoint off the side of the freeway, with a concrete gazebo with a beautiful view of the town and all the rolling fields. His most memorable part was the sweet smell of fresh mint.

And he was right, it was very beautiful. It was only partly cloudy with evening sun rays shining through the puffy clouds. The normal fields of wheat were bare, but you can just imagine how breathtaking it would be during full growth. But it was freezing, and I only had a thin sweater on. After a few pictures, I was about to call it quits when Logan said he wanted to do one more thing while they were there.

With Logan’s heart beating, I turned around to see him on one knee with a ring in his fingertips. He stretched them out toward me offering me this token of his love. Although he had a speech, long rehearsed and debated, when it came to saying it he drew blank. He didn’t have to confess his love for me, because I already knew.



Bonus story:

I feel like I should tell you the funny story about my ring. When I got proposed to, I instantly loved my ring, it was perfect for me! But little did I know I had already fallen in love with it before. After months of being engaged, I was on Facebook and I had a notification that I posted on the same day a few years ago.

What was the post, you may ask? Well, it was a picture (super old, crappy cell phone picture) of my ring. The caption read that I was browsing the cases waiting for my mom’s ring to be cleaned and I found my dream ring. I had forgotten about this and Logan had no idea. It was truly meant to be.








Featured image from our engagement session with Mylyn Wood Photography

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