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February 28, 2019

Logan and I met in middle school, actually, it was probably elementary but we honestly can’t remember. He was a grade below me, but our school combined grades in each classroom, and our teacher, Mr. Brown, was trying to find a way to get me to shut up. Don’t get me wrong, he loved me, but I was very obnoxious and outgoing and would talk to anyone as long as they talked to me. He decided to place me next to Logan, who was quiet, goofy, and very reserved. Mr. Brown thought it was a brilliant idea, but I took it as a challenge.

Circa 2007 selfie. Our very unflattering first picture of us.

Logan would just let me talk and talk, and he would add the occasional sentiments here and there, but mostly just listen. We became good friends, one of my best friends, in our small group of friends. And once it was time to go to high school our paths separated as we went to different schools. I should add that I never called him Logan, his older brother went to our middle school as well, and I heard him call him pollywog, and I just cracked up, so that just became his name for me.

As we delved into the first couple of years of being high school students, I remained in touch with a few people from middle school. I was at one of our friends’ houses when he said that “Logan was going to come over.” I had no idea who ‘Logan’ was, and our friend had to remind me that we went to school together. Maybe an hour went by and Pollywog walked in the door! And he definitely grew up. Sprouted up like a tree, and was just as broad as one too, he was a lot more vocal but just as sweet and even goofier. We all started hanging out more, becoming better friends than years previous. I also started calling him by his actual name, and I think my parents had the hardest time remembering his real name.


Every time I would let them know who I would be with they would always question who ‘Logan’ was, and I would have to remind them it was pollywog. So silly, I know. A couple more years go by, and Logan was about to graduate so he asked me if I would take his senior portraits. I remember that day very well… My parents actually took me to the location (because this high school student didn’t have a car), and when I was all done with his session and back in the car, my parents very slyly told me that Logan was a very good kid.

He could drive and had a job. I love that these were the only things my parents cared about with my track record. No, but honestly, my parent’s loved him and his family. I was all creeped out by that idea; He was my friend… and he had a girlfriend… and he was LOGAN. I mean, that would be so weird. But my dad actually said it, and he never says stuff like that about his baby girl.

Logan during his senior year. Check out more of his senior pictures by clicking!


Months down the road, with some heartbreaks, he called me one summer day. I had just pulled into my driveway, and he asked what I was doing. I told him I had no other plans that evening and he said that was great and then asked me if I wanted to go swimming. After a moment of stammering I agreed to go, I had just enough time to throw on my swimsuit and my clothes back on by the time he pulled into my driveway.

We spent the whole evening swimming and relaxing creek side. I found out now that he called me after all of his other friends were busy, but oh well. After that evening we started making plans more often, and I think it was because he was the first friend who just didn’t go and say we should hang out sometime and never do. When we made plans we stuck to them and had so much fun.

Up until that summer we have never just been together by ourselves, we always were with our other friends, even though we did text each other quite often, I don’t think we ever got a chance to be very close friends. That whole summer went by like that, hiking, swimming, watching movies together. I even spent a whole day baking with his mom. Everyone around us began to question our friendship, constantly being asked if we were dating or if we liked each other when we were finally going to just get together.

And honestly, looking back on it, we were definitely dating. We both had momentarily thought of the other being a potential boyfriend or girlfriend and whisked it away as a silly thought. Why risk an amazing friendship? That was, until one day, when I told him to kiss me. I have no idea what went through my head. I haven’t actually said this part to very many people but it is a part of our story. He kissed me, and I was sold. I, of course, being stubborn, wouldn’t let him to call me his girlfriend until he asked me properly.

Logan and I the summer after we became officially together. 2015

So, on October 5th, 2014, we drove up to a Christmas tree farm in Silverton, and watched the golden fall light disappear. He cuddled up behind me, arms wrapped around my shoulders, and leans down to kiss me on the cheek. And I turned to face him, and that is when he asked if I would be his girlfriend. Just as sweet and simple as that.

The way he looked at me; full of love, joy, and knowing in his eyes is what told me so much more. We knew we were meant for each other, after so long of being friends there wasn’t much else to know. We got through all the basic stuff, even meeting the family, knew each other’s traits and personality. That moment I knew that every other thought of love I had thought I knew was nothing like this. It still took us a few more months to say it, but it happened eventually. And here we are now, four years in, and I can’t wait for more.



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