The Journey Begins


December 29, 2018

Hey, everyone!

I have to be honest; this isn’t my first blog. I had a blog years ago back in 2012 and I made a whopping 8 posts in two years. I have always been horrible at sticking to projects; so many fads, interests, and projects that never got finished. With my artistic¬†soul I thus I have dabbled in pottery, sewing, scrapbooking, and even wood-burning. Only a few stuck; painting, drawing, scrapbooking (rarely), and obviously photography. Even tried my hand at writing. I never had a problem coming up with creative ideas and plots but after two chapters I would never touch it again. There are countless unfinished books just sitting in unfinished Word documents on the computer, and I honestly doubt I will ever touch them.

I have a problem finishing anything. Well, not ANYTHING, if there is a deadline or if it’s for someone I will finish it, but if there’s no consequence for not finishing I probably will quit. ¬†When Ashley Webb designed this website for me she added the blog, and that was the catalyst to get me to really start blogging, even if it isn’t consistent.

I never imagined how hard it is to make a blog, and I know mine does not compare to any other’s. Frankly, I’m not happy at all with it. But it is a work in progress, and I will eventually love it.

It takes time, just like Bill Mcglashen (who I don’t really know) said, “Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in one ahead.”

That was the first paragraph from my first blog post in 2012, and man did that hit home for me. I don’t have to be good at blogging, I don’t have to be some amazing and entertaining writer I feel like I have to be. Everyone has been there, especially since social media, where you feel like you have to be perfect at everything. Have the perfect house, life, family. Look a certain way, act like everyone else. And that is just not realistic and not obtainable.

So, here I am. Writing my second first blog post. I don’t know who is reading, I don’t know where this will go, I don’t know if it will even be good. But I am going to try. I want this to be real, authentic, and true to me. Not just about the photography side, but also personal and helpful for my Oregon and beyond brides. I often post about my daily life over on Instagram, especially on IG storied. Follow along -> HERE


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