Must-Have Wedding Morning Guide

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February 7, 2019

After spending the morning with countless brides I have compiled a little wedding morning guide to help future brides. Some things are obvious, like making sure you have your dress, while others are some I have come across throughout the years. First, I believe that the prep should take place WAY before the day of your wedding. It’s important to thoroughly prepare, this is where reaching out to your vendors and getting a wedding planner/coordinator comes very handy. If you have any questions never be afraid to ask your vendor. We know the ins and outs as we do this for a living.


Prepare your skin:

I know it might be hard, but take out those high-calorie sugary snacks. When sugars are processed in the body it causes a rise in insulin, where it then causes inflammation. This inflammation can increase your chances of acne and redness. To make sure your skin is glowing, add in more dark greens and omega fatty acids. Also, if you are not already, add in SPF, a weekly exfoliating scrub, and a hydrating face mask. And want to know the biggest secret for glowing skin? Water. Start this as soon as possible


Mani and Pedis:

Even if this is not a normal thing for you it is important to start thinking about how your nails will be done. Start by going to the salon once a month to find your perfect set and go-to nail tech. You don’t want to go get acrylic nails done by someone for the first time three days before your wedding. This is a perfect time to relax and great for those wedding festivities- the bridal shower, bachelorette parties, and engagement portraits.


Think Details:

I love all the little details, it might be even my favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day. Most people don’t realize how much time, effort, and money each couple puts into making sure everything reflects them, their union, and their wedding vision. This is why I spend so much time into photographing them so they will be forever mortalized. I ask my couples to gather up all these details into a box, bag, or a tabletop the night before the wedding. The rings (yes, all the rings), the stationery suite, bride and groom accessories. I also have them think out of the box and think about family heirlooms, special memorabilia from each other, or something new; this can be great grandma’s handkerchief, the ticket stubs from your first date, or even the stamp from your wax seals. Having those additional accouterment makes sure the pieces of their well-thought-out day are fully documented. Plus, all those tidbits add some extra styling umph.


Want to get magazine worthy details? Check out this blog post and download your free guide!


Burn your bra:

Okay, maybe not BURN as those are so expensive and most people need them. But I definitely encourage not wearing your bra the morning of your wedding. They tend to leave indents and remarks on the skin, and if you are wearing a strapless or backless dress they are sure to show. Not pretty.



Eat. Just listen:

I mean it, every bride forgets to eat. I don’t know what it is. Take some time in the morning, maybe with your parent or in-laws to grab a light but protein packed breakfast. Or even when you are getting your hair done, you will be done eating before your photographers are done photographing your details.


Add more time:

Your trail hair and makeup appointment took an hour and a half, now add another 45 minutes. Something is bound to go awry and you want to add more time and get done early than not to have enough time. If you have extra time it will be great to get a chance to spend some alone time with your girls or even have more time for portraits. It’s never a bad thing to be too early!


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