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February 20, 2019

You spend so much time, money, and effort putting together every aspect of your wedding day together. Making sure every element reflects you and your partner, and has so meaning to your story. They complete your wedding story. I want to make sure everything is documented beautifully so every time you look at them you will be flooded with memories of your wedding day.

It’s so important to gather up everything before the morning, yes, including the grooms’ details, into a box or bag. That way when I get there I will be all ready to get to work! I don’t want anything left out and want to mix and match yours and your loves’ items together. Other than wanting to use each other’s items in the same photos, the main reason is the light.

Light is one of the biggest parts of great photography. And, to be honest, grooms get ready in a horrible light majority of the time. It’s normally in a dark back room that doesn’t have big windows. Compared to the light and airy space like the bride does. And probably with dark, masculine future and wood paneling. It’s great for a man cave or bar, not so amazing for your wedding album. When looking at your images they should all be cohesive and look the same, you will notice a stark difference if your details are photographed in one space and his in a totally different atmosphere.

After I am done with the details I go straight into photographing the bride, and her entourage. After I got all those images it’s time for the bride to relax, have a quiet moment with her loved ones and for me to go photograph the gentlemen getting ready. This is when I bring over all of his details- and you can feel at ease that he didn’t forget anything! This saves so much time; your photographer can get all the details out of the way and this leaves up the time to get candids and portraits instead go going back and forth between both.


I always bring my styling kit full of ribbon, vintage stamps, ring boxes, etc. But none of these items have any sentimental value to you, so here is where you need to use your imagination. There are obvious items that will need to be included, as the shoes, veil, jewelry, bouquet, cuff links watch, bow tie. Other great items are perfume/cologne (maybe buy something special so every time you wear it it will remind you of this day), handwritten love letters and vows, a complete invitation suite, and heirloom items.

Heirloom details can seem very vague, but really think about what means a lot to you. Dig deep and find those little sentimental items. It can be great grandma’s lace handkerchief, a garter made out of your mom’s dress, the vintage hairbrush that has been in your family for generations, photographs from your grandparents’ wedding. By surrounding yourself with these items it can add depth and meaning to an already amazing day.

You may also add in your own styling items! Purchase your own ring box;  vintage or a new velvet monogrammed one. Add ticket stubs from your first date, vintage scissors, anything that would add dimension. Did you seal your invitations with a wax seal? You should include the stamp in your box. Loose flowers are always welcome they add color and texture; you can ask your florist to save you some for your photographer.

That was a lot to take in, huh? Below I added a helpful checklist that you can download in print!

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