What is a Boudoir Session Marathon?

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January 19, 2021

I just announced the details of this year’s boudoir session marathon and they are always such a hit! Each year I do these and I have worked with countless amazing women, and most of them have never done anything like this before. One of the questions I am always asked is “What even is a Boudoir Marathon anyway?” so I figured it would be a prime opportunity to give you details of the experience.

The saying “boudoir session marathon” just sounds exhausting, right? Don’t get me wrong, you will feel like you did a workout the next day, but it’s honestly very relaxing and empowering. You won’t have to do any running (maybe just some arching and stretching though). So, what makes it a “Marathon”? On a Boudoir Marathon day, I typically photograph 5-9 back-to-back boudoir sessions. While you are taking your photos, another lady will be back in hair and makeup. Because of this, I call these “semi-private” boudoir sessions, which makes the price point more affordable than a private session, all while giving you the same beautiful setting and all-inclusive experience.


You start your session as a blank slate to be pampered by our all-female professional hair and makeup team. They will do simple, yet glam hair and makeup to emphasize your natural beauty. Once you are glam and ready to begin, I’ll go through your outfit selections and we will pick your first outfit. I always choose studios that are light, airy, and minimally decorated. (I have a couple go-to’s that I go back and forth with)

All the light seeping through the windows help bring romance and youth. It’s incredibly flattering for boudoir photos and it perfectly reflects my style. You’ll be lounging around in your fancy lingerie or cozy outfits, pretending like this a totally normal way to spend a Sunday morning. Don’t worry about the posing! That’s what I’m here for. I’ll direct you every step of the way to make sure you look like your most beautiful and confident self. My style of boudoir photography focuses on creating romantic, natural, and classic photos. It’s all about bringing out your inner beauty and personality and letting that shine.

After the session is done, you will be walking out of the studio with so much power you will feel unstoppable. It’s incredible! About 4-5 weeks after the session we will schedule a Reveal Session. This is when we will get together and go through all the edited images! I’ll work with you to create the *PERFECT* gift to celebrate your experience. Because I work with many brides-to-be, this can include an unforgettable wedding gift. While the photos from this session can certainly make a great gift to your partner, I hope you’ll find that it’s an even more amazing gift to yourself. It takes a lot of guts to do a session like this, and the reward is incredible!

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