Portrait Session Locations | Wishlist 2021

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June 8, 2021

I know I am not the only photographer with a bucket list of portrait session locations. We dream of having our couples agree to go to one of our dream locations- some more elaborate than others. Photographers are always on the hunt for new and beautiful places to go. From dreaming outside the car window and annoyingly looking for beautiful views, texture, and gorgeous light. Meanwhile ogling over stunning photographs of places we have never been.

Most of my clients choose to showcase the natural beauty of our home state, Oregon, however, I also included some out of state. I love shooting in wide-open natural spaces because the light is divine, especially during golden hour. Therefore, you will notice that I look for wide-open and timeless architecture. Perks if it looks good all year round and has good color, and easy parking, haha. Above all, I want the locations to keep the focus on my couples. In other words, I have an ongoing list of locations that I dream to photograph at and I am hoping to check off a few this year!

(all photos are found on the internet and have been credited to the websites I found them on)


Monet Vineyard | Brush Prairie, Washington


Photo from monetvineyards.com

Alvord Desert | Harney County, Oregon

Photo by Chris Butler

Government Cove | Cascade Locks, Oregon

Photo from outdoorproject.com

 Villa Catalana Cellars | Oregon City, Oregon

Photo from villacatalanacellars.com

Seal Rock State Park | Seal Rock, Oregon

Photo from stateparks.oregon.gov

Mary’s Peak | Benton County, Oregon

Photo from orangemedianetwork.com

Lewis & Clark, Estate Gardens | Portland, Oregon

Photo from lclark.edu

 Smith Rock State Park | Terrebonne, Oregon

Photo from mercurynew.com

 Washington Park- International Rose Test Garden | Portland, Oregon

Photo from content.time.com

Cape Perpetua | Yachats, Oregon

Photo from themandagies.com

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